Rocky SS Coffee Grinder - With Manual Doser


Rocky SS Coffee Grinder - With Manual Doser


The perfect companion to the Rancilio Silvia espresso machine. The Rocky SS is a doser burr coffee grinder with 50mm plate grinding burrs found in entry-level commercial grinders. Capable of grinding up to 7.7lbs per hour the Rocky SS will be sure to keep up with your needs. The Rocky SS features a dosing chamber that holds freshly ground coffee. At the pull of a handle, just like the pros, about 7 grams of coffee are dispensed directly into the porta filter. The Rocky SS features a plastic fork to hold your porta filter in place. The motor of the Rocky SS is a 166-watt direct-drive motor that is extremely powerful. Spinning at 1725 RPMs. This powerful grinder is quiet during operation. Rocky SS features simple controls. Change the grind setting with a simple unlock of the lever and a quick spin of the bean hopper. It can grind coffee to a fine powder or course grind in seconds. The tinted bean hopper of the Rocky SS keeps just over 1/2 a pound of whole bean coffee fresh and ready to grind on-demand.

The Rancilio Rocky has, for years, been revered as the all-around champ of home espresso grinders, but that didn't stop Rancilio from making improvements. These new Rocky grinders now include a removable catch tray to collect stray grounds and keep your counter clean. The Rocky still features commercial grinding burrs with many settings for espresso to help you achieve perfect crema-topped espresso. While it can grind coffee on any setting from French press to Turkish, the Rancilio Rocky has been specifically engineered to work perfectly with the Rancilio Silvia and other commercial-grade espresso machines. The Rancilio Rocky is offered in two models: doserless and doser. The doserless Rocky is perfect for the casual user to grind directly into the portafilter or any container of choice. The Rocky doser grinds into a special spring-loaded device that dispenses one shot's worth of espresso grounds per pull on the dosing lever.

Commercial Grade Construction
The Rancilio Rocky is designed for the home barista who desires a durable and consistent grinder. Starting with just the body, you can tell that the Rocky is built to last. The Rocky is protected by a stainless steel back panel and base set upon a heavy-duty black cast aluminum frame. It is modeled after the Rancilio MD40 and is the heavy-duty partner to the Silvia.

Heavy-Duty Motor
The motor on the Rancilio Rocky is the envy of all other home grinders. Rancilio uses the same motor in their commercial MD40 grinder. It is a 166-watt direct-drive motor that runs quiet and is extremely powerful. Grinding at the espresso fineness setting puts a lot of strain on any grinder, so the Rocky has been built to handle the job with ease. The motor alone weighs around 12 lbs. and spins at 1,725RPM. It has a high-temperature overload switch to prevent possible damage if a stone gets caught in the burrs.

Many Grind Settings
While the Rancilio Rocky is designed to be primarily an espresso grinder, it naturally can grind any type of coffee you desire. It has 55 settings ranging from French press coarse to ultra-fine Turkish, about 15 of which are just for espresso. Espresso machines with commercial portafilters will accept only a very narrow grinding range in order to make proper espresso shots with good crema. Even baristas with the most discriminating tastes will be able to fine-tune the Rocky to grind at that perfect setting.


Rocky SS Specs

  • Width 120 mm / 4.7 inch
  • Height 350 mm / 13.8 inch
  • Depth 250 mm / 9.8 inch
  • Weight 8.7 kg / 19.1 lb
  • Manual Doser
  • Adjustment Manual
  • Average output (espresso) 0.69-0.97 g/s
  • Diameter 50 mm / 1.9 inch
  • Material Steel
  • Thermosteel treatments Yes
  • Design Horizontal
  • Dose 7/0.24 gram/oz
  • Programmable doses 1
  • Design Horizontal
Bean Hopper
  • Capacity 0.3 kg / 0.01 lb
  • Self-standing option Yes
  • Locking slide for easy refill Yes
  • Capacity 0.3 kg / 0.01 lb
  • Self-standing option Yes
  • Locking slide for easy refill Yes
  • Anti-static Technology
  • Total power 140 W
  • Frequency 50-60 Hz
  • Voltage 110/230 V
  • Speed 1350 rpm

Compare Rocky SS and Rocky SD

Mill Weight Start Price
Rocky SS 8.7 kg / 19.1 lb Manual Doser 410
Rocky SD 7 kg / 15.4 lb Button / No Doser 400
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