Organic Sprouted Hard Red Spring Whole Wheat Flour


Organic Sprouted Hard Red Spring Whole Wheat Flour


Stone milled fresh on demand from the whole wheat berry – Breadtopia stone mills the whole grain into flour as needed to fill customer orders. Our customers are assured of receiving freshly milled whole wheat flour every time.

Hard Red Spring Wheat is widely grown in Montana, the northwestern plains, and Canada where the dry summers tend to produce a quality wheat with a good protein content averaging 13-14% and a good gluten content. Great for whole grain bread baking.

Our grain is grown by family-owned and operated farms — certified organic farms that are committed to ideals of sustainable stewardship of our natural resources for those of future generations.

About Sprouted Grains:

    • Enzymes created during the sprouting process convert dormant nutrients into an active form that can be used by the seed to foster growth. This conversion also makes these nutrients more digestible and bioavailable (more easily absorbed) by our bodies.
    • Sprouting changes the taste and flavor profile of grains and seeds. Enzymes created during germination convert complex starch into simple sugars making sprouted grains taste sweeter than unsprouted grains.
    • Sprouting sets off a series of chain reactions that alter the functionality of the seed. Sprouted cereal flours such as sprouted wheat flour boast improved loaf volume and enzymes created during the germination can help slow down the staling process.

Benefits of sprouted grains:

    • Improved loaf volume
    • Improved bioavailability
    • Increased vitamins and nutrients
    • Extended shelf life of milled grains

Note: Since this flour contains wheat germ and wheat germ is an oil, this flour will not keep for as long as typical commercially milled white flour. Do not purchase more than you expect to consume within a few months. We recommend keeping your flour in air tight packaging or container and storing in a cool place or preferably the refrigerator or freezer.

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