Love Nomads Brazil Natural Whole Coffee Beans - Medium Roast
Love Nomads Coffee Brazil Natural Whole Coffee Beans - Medium Roast
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This smooth sun-dried Brazilian coffee from Fazenda Do Salto has a rich mouthfeel with a decadent malty flavor and notes of hazelnut and caramel.   Name of farm: Fazenda Do Salto Region: Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais Processing type: Natural Altitude: 1,080 to 1,140 meters above sea level Cupping Notes: buttery, caramel, hazelnut, brown sugar finish  Dr. Fabio Araujo Reis, the owner at Fazenda do Salto, works with his two sons to run their family farm and allow it to thrive. Andre and Juca work with 35 year-round employees, many of whom grew up near the farm, choosing to return to Fazenda do Salto after finishing school. Here, coffee is harvested mechanically, dried on 8 rotational machines and 8 static layer dryers, which maintain constant airflow with a combination of cold and warm air. Initially, the coffee dries in static boxes for 12 hours during pre-fermentation. Cold air is utilized to dry the cherries for 4 days before switching to warm air for 3 additional days until the moisture content reaches 15 percent. For the final drying phase, the coffee is exposed to intermittent warm and cold  
Love Nomads Quarantine Whole Blend Coffee Beans - Medium Roast
Love Nomads Coffee Quarantine Blend Whole Coffee Beans - Medium Roast
from $18.00
Quarantine Blend whole bean coffee with notes of stone fruit, pecans, and sweet tea. Medium Roast.


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